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VIP Blackjack - 5 steps to win like a pro

Use this blackjack guide to fine-tune your playing skills and beat the house!

The Ultimate Guide to Winning at Blackjack

Unlike other casino games, successful blackjack players do not rely on gut instinct to win consistently. Casinos have a long-term advantage over players in all games that they offer. However, players can wrest the initiative over the short-term by employing techniques that reduce the house edge to as little as 1% or less. These techniques can generate substantial savings and enhance the player’s overall gaming sessions.

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You can play online blackjack like a pro by following these 5 steps:


Understanding Basic Blackjack Strategy


Thanks to basic strategy, blackjack has the prestigious honour of being the  casino game with the lowest house edge both in regular and live casino version. A combination of statistical analysis and computer algorithms ensure that players have precise probabilities when it comes to cards being dealt from the deck.

Blackjack strategy charts: These are an essential component of basic blackjack strategy. When blackjack players utilize perfect playing techniques, they can reduce the house edge to as little as 0.13% in a single deck game, or a fraction under 1% in an 8-deck game. With reduced house edges come increased winnings. This effectively means that the player has a 50/50 chance of winning when using perfect strategy.

Using Flashcards: Blackjack basic strategy is easily learned with flashcards or blackjack strategy charts. These explain to blackjack players how to act given the dealer’s upcard, and the cards held by the player. Blackjack players have several actions available, including the option to hit, or the option to stand.

The fundamentals of blackjack strategy can be learned with strategy trainers.

Live Examples: For example, if the dealer’s upcard is a 9, and the player has an Ace +7, the correct move is to hit. However, if the dealer is showing a 6 and the player holds 16, the player should stand. Basic blackjack strategy covers all eventualities, with between 1 and 8 decks of cards. The statistical probabilities hold true over the long-term and trump a player’s gut instinct with specific cards that are dealt. There are many blackjack secrets that players can learn by understanding the intricacies of card counting.


Effective Bankroll Management Is a Must


Remember that the casino (the house) always has a long-term advantage over the player in games of blackjack. Even if the house edge was reduced to 0.13%, the player would still lose that amount from every £1 that was wagered over the long-term. This means that bankroll management is essential to success in the game.

Conventional wisdom states that casual players should have at least x 20 their average wager when playing during any blackjack session. If your wager is £10 per hand, you should start with a bankroll of £200. If you’re playing at £5 blackjack tables, your bankroll should be at least £100. The reason for this multiple of 20 is variance.

Players must take into account that multiple actions are possible during a hand. These include things like doubling, splitting, push etc. An inadequate bankroll stifles your opportunity to win even before you have started playing.

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Pick Your Blackjack Casino Carefully


In the real estate world, it’s location, location, location. In blackjack, this holds true as well. A player’s overall blackjack strategy must take into consideration the venue where he/she will be playing blackjack.

For example, does the online casino or traditional casino offer 6/5 payouts on blackjack, or 3/2 payouts on blackjack? What variants of blackjack are available, and are they favourable to the player, or to the house?

Select a quiet venue where blackjack strategy can be employed to maximum effect. Traditional casinos are full of distractions, and players may find themselves intimidated by blackjack whales at their table. The dealers, the blackjack playing conditions and the rules of play affect the outcomes of games more than players lead on.

Conduct a little research before simply selecting a casino willy-nilly. Things like blackjack betting limits, playing conditions, and other rules may be altered when the casino is busy.

Check out the the table minimum/maximum. Be advised that Las Vegas casinos will increase the minimum wagers in blackjack on weekends and in the evenings. This is because more people are likely to be playing blackjack and revenues can be increased accordingly.

Take advantage of any bonuses, promotions or perks that may be available to you while you’re playing blackjack. This can reduce the costs, increase your playing time, and stretch your bankroll further.

The One Thing You Should Never Do in Blackjack


Blackjack players may be tempted to place additional wagers known as side bets while the game is currently in play. A little-known blackjack secret is to avoid these side bets!

This requires the blackjack player to add additional chips next to the primary bets. Typically, there are limitations on how much a player can wager. Bonus games, and the rules that govern them, are always explained by the dealers. It is possible to risk a small wager as a side game to generate a bigger return.


Unfortunately, side bets eat into your existing bankroll and reduce the number of hands that you will be able to play over the long-term. The incremental wagers placed during side bets are considered pure profit by casinos, and players hardly ever benefit from them.

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Blackjack Rules Matter: Know How to Differentiate between Them

Blackjack games with 1 deck of cards have the lowest house edge. When there are 6 or 8 decks in play, the house edge increases. Consider that the house edge is at its lowest when players are using basic blackjack strategy with a single deck of cards. The objective for a blackjack player is to seek out tables with as few decks of cards in play as possible.

Once again, the 3/2 blackjack payout is favoured over the 6/5 payout. In Las Vegas, Nevada, most of the casinos will use 6 decks of cards. This is also a disincentive to blackjack card counters who find it difficult with so many decks in play.

You can play blackjack like a pro by understanding rule differences in different geographic regions. In Europe, players are at a distinct disadvantage since there are no-hole-card rules. Across the Pacific, Asian dealers tend to rush through hands and they expect players to respond promptly.


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