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Take Roulette to the Next Level!

Get spinning and winning with the ultimate online roulette strategy

Greetings Karamba fans! Are you guys and gals ready to spin that magical wheel of fortune? So, how can you WIN BIG on Roulette? Well, we’re here to give you some amazing advice about online roulette strategy. We’ve gathered the world’s top roulette advice for tips on how to win at this fantastic game. Get comfortable – this is going to be FUN!



Let’s Get Ready to Spin that Online Roulette Wheel!

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As a new player, you’re probably wondering if there really is a roulette strategy that works. Some folks say that roulette is a game of chance, and no amount of strategy can alter your winning chances. This is simply not true. If you play by the rules, and use best-practice methodology you can win more with a good roulette strategy. The most popular casino roulette strategies include the D’Alembert strategy, the Martingale strategy, and the Fibonacci strategy. It’s important to stress that none of these strategies is guaranteed to work, and that the casino always has a strategic edge over the player.

Is the Roulette Strategy really so Important?

Chaos theorists have been able to zero in on things like the most common roulette numbers, which half of the roulette wheel the ball will land in, given the velocity of the ball, the time it takes to place in a slot, and the mechanics of the roulette wheel. These scientists generated 59% accuracy and a return to player percentage of 18%. Unfortunately, their techniques are highly complicated and unavailable to most of us.
Perhaps the most popular roulette strategy is the Martingale strategy. The premise of this strategy is simple: Double your wagers after you lose a bet. From a probability perspective, this is as close as you can get to a 50/50 outcome. Granted, European Roulette games and French Roulette games have green 0s, and American Roulette features a 0 and a 00.

Perhaps the most popular roulette strategy is the Martingale strategy. The premise of this strategy is simple: Double your wagers after you lose a bet. From a probability perspective, this is as close as you can get to a 50/50 outcome. Granted, European Roulette games and French Roulette games have green 0s, and American Roulette features a 0 and a 00.



And why is the Martingale Roulette Strategy so Popular?

Assuming you keep doubling your bets every time you lose, you will eventually come out ahead with the Martingale strategy.


Online Roulette Roulette betting strategy is based on random outcomes. In other words, there is no single winning roulette system you should use. Rather, a mix of strategies, bankroll management, game selection, and player smarts must factor into your gameplay.
Roulette methods that work are ones that players swear by. Martingale has won international acclaim from many players, thanks to its short-term ability to recover losses and generate profits.

Martingale Roulette Strategy Can Help Players Because…

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How do you know if Martingale is the roulette strategy to win more games? Two important points must be considered: What are the table minimums and maximum wagers on even money bets such as red/black? How big is your bankroll? But here’s the thing: Martingale can get extremely expensive. Consider a minimum bet of £10 on even money wagers like red/black.

* Bet £10 – lose

*Bet £20 – lose

*Bet £40 – lose

*Bet £80 – lose

*Bet £160 – lose

*Bet £320 – lose

*Bet £640 – lose

By your seventh wager, you are already in the hole for £1,270. If you were to win on your seventh wager, you would double the wager and make yourself £10!




So is there a Better Way than Martingale? Let’s Find Out!

There are effective ways to overcome the challenges associated with the Martingale betting strategy.

One of them is to seek out roulette tables with low minimum bets and high maximum bets.

Roulette gurus advise players to collect their winnings and continue wagering small amounts. That way, you are assured of leaving in the black, not in the red.

An interesting situation arises when it comes to selecting the type of bet you’re going to place using the Martingale Roulette strategy. Do you switch from red to black, every time you place another wager on a roulette spin? The answer is coming up in the next section.

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Is Roulette Really as Random as We Think it is?

It’s important to understand that the results of the previous spin in roulette have nothing to do with the outcome of the next spin.

However, probability analysis will tell you that the likelihood of the ball not landing in a red slot, or a black slot, for multiple spins of the wheel diminishes with each spin.

Therefore, it makes sense to place your wager on the same selection (red or black, or odd or even) every time you’re using this betting strategy.

Another unique online roulette strategy is known as the Reverse Martingale strategy.

This works in the opposite direction to the Martingale strategy in that players double their bets while they are winning, and place a smaller bet when they are losing.

This strategy is particularly impressive if you are on a winning streak. Remember: Over the short-term, players can win considerable amounts of money in roulette. Over the long-term, the house always wins.

Quick Roulette Wheel 101:

European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70%

French Roulette can have a house edge of 1.35% (when even money wagers are placed and the ball lands on zero)

American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26%

How Does the D’Alembert Roulette Strategy Measure Up?

D’Alembert is a safer roulette strategy than Martingale. It works in much the same fashion, except you increase your wager by 1 when you lose, and you decrease your wager by 1 when you win. It is a loss recovery strategy; however, it can take a lot longer to recover losses with this strategy.

It works just as well on odds/evens as it does on red/black betting selections.

If the number of wins and losses you have racked up over your roulette gaming session is even, you will still come out ahead by using this strategy. The trick to making this Roulette strategy work is collecting your winnings and cashing out when your wins and losses are evenly matched.



How Effective is the Fibonacci Roulette Strategy?

For all the statistically-minded players out there, the Fibonacci Roulette strategy may seem like the roulette strategy to win with. It is fashioned off a unique sequence of numbers and it reads as follows: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233 etc. As you can tell from the first two digits, 1+1 = 2. 2+3 = 5. 5+8 equals 13 etc.
This sequence is then used for wagering purposes. You simply add the last 2 wagers together, but you should always start with a small bet.
The numbers listed above are multiplied by the size of your initial wager. For example, if you started betting with £5 on red, and you lost, your next wager would be a bet of £5 on red. If you lose that wager, you will place a £10 wager on red. If you lose that wager, you will place a £15 wager on red, etc.

Whatever Roulette Strategy You Choose, You Must….

Now it comes to the part where we give you the top tips on how to spin a roulette wheel in your favour and pocket some agreeable roulette winnings. As you may already be aware, there really isn’t one single method which can be deemed as “the best online roulette strategy”, rather it’s important to understand what type of player you are and what sort of roulette experience you’re after. No matter what strategy you go for in the end, make sure to always remember these roulette rules of thumb…

Place the right wagers on the right bet selections. Players must know the payout odds of each selection, the probability of each selection coming good, and the wisdom inherent in placing that particular wager.

Manage your bankroll. By covering as much of the board as possible with every spin, you are limiting your loss potential, and maximising your outcomes.

Be careful not to over commit on each spin as this will result in the degradation of your bankroll. As highlighted above, European Roulette offers players the best possible chance of winning, given that there are fewer spaces on the roulette wheel and a higher likelihood of winning.

Know that the more positions you cover, the greater the likelihood that you will come out ahead on each spin. Each incremental win adds chips to your stack and allows you to walk away a winner once your gaming session is over.
And there you have it, Karamba party people… the ultimate guide to roulette strategy! Before you scratch that itch and give that wheel a spin, have a quick glance back over this article to make sure you’re really in the know. Good luck!


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