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How to Choose a Winning Slot Machine

Find out which slots you should be playing to give you the best chances.

Which Types of Slot Games Are Best?



Slot games are the most popular casino games at online casinos and traditional casinos. They span the full spectrum from classic slots through video slots and progressive jackpot slots. Broadly speaking, classic slot games feature 3 spinning reels while video slots and progressive jackpot slots feature 5 reels.

There are vast differences between these categories of slots, and players should take the time and effort to understand what makes a winning slot machine game.

Players who arrive at a casino are typically overwhelmed by the variety of slot games on offer. There are 5-line slot machine games and 25-line slot machine games – which online slots are best?

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At a quick glance all slot games may seem similar, however, slot games are unique in many ways. Before you decide to choose one slot game over another, it’s important to make the distinction between 3-reel slots and 5-reel slots.

Besides for the nominal value of spinning reels in the game, you should also look out for other differences such as:

*Payback percentage (RTP)

*Complexity levels

*Multimedia enhancements


Winning Chances of 3-Reel Slot Machine Games

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Old-school slot games featured 3 spinning reels and a handful of paylines. These are otherwise known as classic slots and they typically showcase fruit symbols, bars, bells, and the like. These slots gained prominence at the turn-of-the-century, and were fashioned off the spectacular success of the Liberty Bell slot game.

Their simplicity is a big part of their appeal. 3-reel slots are loaded with excitement, although of a different kind to the modern-day video slot games that are now featured in casinos. Players can win huge payouts on these classic slot games, without having to sacrifice any of the entertainment pleasure in the process.




Among others, 3-reel slot machines are easier to play. Players are not required to understand complex interactions between wild symbols, scatter symbols and hundreds of winning payline options. These slot games are activated by the placement of a wager and clicking the spin button, or pulling on the lever. They resonate with many players owing to the nostalgic appeal of old-school slots.

Ideal for newbie slot players and casual players seeking a winning slot machine, 3-reel slots are often budget friendly. 3-reel slot machine games are expressly designed for players on a tight budget. As far as payouts go, 3-reel slots tend to be generous when winning symbols line up on the reels, although 5-reel slots offer more regular payouts.

A wide range of popular 3-reel slots remain popular, and despite the increasing demand for video slots, these games have found a niche market in the modern age.


Winning Chances of 5-Reel Slot Machine Games


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At the risk of stating the obvious, 5-reel slots feature 2 additional reels that provide added entertainment value for players. They are not limited by the constraints of 3-reel slots, and they can offer players more paylines and more winning combinations.

Online casino players take to 5-reel slots in their droves. With more winning possibilities, players can strike it rich with these types of slot games. 3 reel slots typically come in 5 line slot machine varieties, and 5-reel slots appear as 25 line slot machine games. The regularity of payouts on these slot machine games is higher than 3-reel slots.

The most exciting features of these games are the added elements that players get to enjoy. Video slots often highlight movie clips, bonus rounds, free spins, gamble feature options, wild symbols, scatter symbols, expanding wilds and so forth.

There is no right or wrong selection when choosing between 3 or 5-reel slot machine games – it’s a matter of personal preference.



YES! You Can Increase Your Winning Chances with Slot Games!

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Everyone can agree that slots are games of chance, but that is only partially true. You can increase your chances of winning at slots by carefully selecting which slot games you play before you wager your first coin.

Every now and then, players may be able to increase their winning chances with a skill-based element in a slot game, although this is rare.

Therefore, a smart slot strategy should consist of:

Careful bankroll management

Methodical slot game selection and

An understanding of slot mechanics

It should be known that slot machine games with higher coin denominations typically pay out much better than slot machine games with lower coin denominations. Consider that in reals casinos, £0.01 slot machine games have a payback percentage between 84% and 87%. However, £5 slot machine games have a payback percentage between 94% and 97%. This means that for every £1 that you wager over the long-term, you can expect to lose £0.16 – £0.13 with penny slots, and £0.06 and £0.03 with £5 slots. As a strategic player, you will certainly benefit from playing the high denomination slot games.



Top 4 Tips for Winning on Slot Machine Games

Many slots players will only play for short periods of time during their slot gaming sessions. A slot budget is a must for all forms of gambling activity. When it comes to playing slots

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By mapping out precisely how much you’re prepared to wager on any slot game, you can determine how many spins you will get based on the number of spinning reels, and paylines. Slot games have the distinct advantage of being zero-skill casino games. You could win a jackpot on your first spin, provided you wager correctly, or at any other time.

Bankroll considerations must always be factored into the equation when playing slots. Slot experts tend to push the narrative that the more you play, the more likely you are to win at some point. It is imperative that players understand the differences between wagering a single coin on a single payline, and the total wager per spin.

The golden rule of slots is as follows:
Place the maximum permissible wagers in all games that you play to ensure that when the jackpot hits, it is all yours. As a case in point, a slot machine featuring 3 x 7s on the reels will pay 1,000 when 1 coin is wagered, and 5,000 when 3 coins are wagered.

Remember that payouts will be proportional to your wager. Coin differences can dramatically alter payout outcomes in slot games. The flipside of the coin is that the pursuit of higher payouts also jeopardises your bankroll. 5-reel slot machine games featuring 20 paylines will always pay out more when the maximum number of coins are wagered per line.



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