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Win with Intelligent Risk Measurement

Learn how to play and win with high risk!


Embrace risk and come out a winner!

Why Risk Measurement is a Must for Strategic Gameplay


Human evolution would not be possible without risk analysis. Our ancestors carefully evaluated situations, took appropriate steps, and overcame challenges. The ability to size up a situation is instinctual, yet it varies from person to person.

Our reactions to threats and opportunities are grounded in a full set of beliefs. These include overreacting to possible threats, miscalculating available resources, and underplaying the opportunities that really exist.

Entrepreneurs and successful gamblers take an opposing position. Their strong stance on opportunities overshadows the inherent risks in any situation.

intelligent-risk managment

Ways to Nurture Your Risk Intelligence for Smarter Gaming

Risk intelligence is one of the defining characteristics of all successful gamblers. Those who have experience playing intelligent typically have an innate understanding of how hard work, discipline and skills can combine for the best possible outcomes.

Various studies have been conducted over the years, notably by two researchers Ceci and Liker interested in the betting behaviour of horseracing patrons. After the data was collected, it emerged that certain gamblers were better at probability analysis than others.

This cognitive ability is shared among successful gamblers. By accurately forecasting this type of data, and quantifying it in such a way that the risk-reward is beneficial to the player, substantial money stands to be generated.

Researchers have labeled this phenomenon risk intelligence. To evaluate the effectiveness of risk intelligence on betting, a set of options needs to be considered.

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Each option is associated with a specific probability of winning. Once the actual results have come in, the proportion of correct assessments can easily be gauged.

Developing this type of risk intelligence is part innate ability, part study. To become better at risk intelligence, regular predictions need to be made.

These predictions must be calculable in a percentage format. Finally, the forecasts should be strictly controlled in a recorded way so that careful post analysis can be conducted.



The Player’s Edge and How You Can Beat the House

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When you bet in games of blackjack, roulette, baccarat and the like, you are wagering on the likelihood of your success over that of the house or other players.

If the odds are in your favour, or you have calculated that they are, you have an advantage over the opposition. This means it will likely benefit you to place that wager.

While the house has extensive knowledge, it is broad-based knowledge, while the individual bettor has specific knowledge. This provides the player with a slight edge if the necessary forecasting, study, and modeling has been undertaken.

Practice certainly assists players in becoming better at developing risk intelligence, but there are other resources that can enhance this skill. Arrogance is the opposite of effective risk intelligence.

Overconfidence can easily skew numbers based on emotional considerations rather than careful study. Accuracy can easily be enhanced in gambling activity by tempering expectations a notch. A successful, comprehensive gaming strategy not only consists of careful risk prediction, but also:

Methodical play with low wagers
Effective bankroll management
Game analysis
A clear and accurate understanding of the rules

The most successful players are the ones who take calculated risks, understand the games that they play, and can learn from their mistakes. This is what intelligent gambling is all about.


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