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Gambler Traits You Never Knew You Had

Many people have what it takes to be top casino players without even knowing it.



The 8 Secrets to Being a Successful Gambler

You may assume that making a real profit from gambling is simply down to luck, but in fact, the traits of the ‘perfect gambler’ can be identified, and in detail too.

If you take a look at the profiles of those who know how to win in casinos, there are many characteristics which appear time and time again, such as steady nerves and the ability to make decisions without involving emotions.

Characteristics of successful gamblers

As a rule, players are cautioned against taking insurance bets. These offer an unnecessary advantage to the house, and the player hardly ever benefits from them. Typically, the dealer will draw to 16 and stand on all 17s.

This means that the dealer will not take another card on a soft 17 (such as 3, Ace, 3) or a hard 17, regardless. Blackjack strategy is based on a set of strict rules. Experts have conducted in-depth analysis using computer algorithms to sample long-term trends.



Intuition is the key

Intuition is the key to play and win

Contrary to what many believe, you don’t actually have to be a human calculator in order to be a good gambler. In fact, formal education is pretty much irrelevant when it comes down to gambling, it’s all about intuition instead.

Yes, of course you’ll need to be comfortable with numbers (if you can’t add up to 21 you’ve got a problem), but the stereotype of having to be a wizz kid in order to make it in gambling is completely off!

No matter how much you study, some people tend to just naturally be better gamblers than others. This ‘touch’, is intuition, and it acts almost like an extra sense, giving you heightened awareness to factors which could affect your outcome. For example, spotting something suspicious, like the dealer peeking at your cards in blackjack, or other gamblers adding on extra bets after the ball has landed in roulette.
It’s something that cannot be learned from books and is most definitely not taught in schools!

Good news is, however, if you’re already good at these things in everyday life then you may already have ideal intuition levels for making it as a successful gambler:

Critical thinking

Money management

Knowing when to take risks and when not to

If your intuition isn’t that great, (always the last to know about the latest romances in your group of friends?) then don’t stress, like everything in life, it can be worked on. If you are lucky enough to be naturally intuitive however – own it!



Good gamblers know they’re good gamblers


Just take a look at a few famous gamblers, for example Kerry Packer or Scotty Nguyen (give them a Google) and examine their attitude to playing. Do they apologise for themselves? No…absolutely not! If you’re going to play and win like a professional then you need to act like a professional, and that means owning the floor!

In another sense you need to believe in yourself simply because you’re putting money behind your actions…there’s no room for doubt in yourself or your strategy here. It’s important to stick to your guns but at the same time don’t let your emotions make decisions for you on a whim.

Weigh up the odds carefully and consciously and try to stay level headed throughout the game, strong bouts of enthusiasm when winning or discouragement when losing are for the amateur gambler only!

Play and win

Count your losses, not your wins

This may sound rather back to front but you won’t see big casino winners going crazy celebrating wins! Rookies will experience adrenalin rushes after every single win, no matter how small and regardless to how much they have lost leading up to this point, whereas professionals will take them in their stride, always looking at the bigger picture and calculating overall losses.

Successful gamblers learn to learn from their mistakes, rather than just shrugging them off as bad luck. For them, the real pleasure is in slowly beating the system over an extended period of time, not just fleeting wins here and there.

If you’re someone who can always look at the whole picture, rather than being blind sighted when something appealing pops up (you can resist a 50% off sale because you can rationally deduce that you don’t really need yet another pair of fluffy slippers), then you already possess one of the most important traits a professional gambler can have!



Don’t be afraid to work for it!

Let’s face it, you’re probably not going to just rock up to a casino for the first time and leave as a high roller with suitcases of winnings. Getting good at anything takes time, dedication and patience, so why would becoming a good gambler be any different?

Most successful gamblers will actually spend hours every single day analysing the effect of subtle changes in their strategy. They will document everything… games, bets, wins and losses, and will be able to pinpoint at any given point where they went wrong.

Smart gamblers learn from their mistakes, and don’t simply pass off losses as “unlucky bets”.

Play intelligent with Karamba

Be intelligent when it comes to risk

Another huge aspect of being a smart gambler is the ability to assess risk. Risk intelligence isn’t the same as intelligence at all, it’s about awareness and the ability to see situations as they truly are, no matter what outside influences or emotions are being experienced.

If you’re good at making other financial investments like buying insurance then that shows that you have some level of partiality for risk intelligence.

Although the name makes it sound like an innate trait, the good news is that risk intelligence can be improved easily!

Here’s how:

Base decisions on sound, analytical information.

Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgement.

Never ever play with the sole aim of recouping losses, you’ll most likely end up in a deeper loss and end up playing from your emotions, which is a very dangerous game.

Understanding randomness and not buying into gambler’s fallacy

The idea that a certain outcome is somehow “due” to happen if it hasn’t occurred for a while is called Gambler’s Fallacy, as it is simply not accurate! In order to become a good gambler you must realise that this idea is flawed and is not something to base bets on.

In fully random outcome games such as roulette, there is a huge factor of chance involved, which can sometimes be difficult to accept, especially if you’re a control freak! Being able to let go when you’re not in the driving seat is essential.


So, what’s the “perfect gambler” concoction?

So, to put it all into a definitive list, people who know how to win in a casino are intuitive, hardworking, risk intelligent, able to see the bigger picture, don’t buy into gambler’s fallacy, understand their limits and learn from their mistakes.



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