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How to Take Advantage of Vulnerable Games

Hit the casinos and get clued up on how to play games to your advantage.


Embrace risk and come out a winner!

Winning is Easier When You Know What Games to Play


A multitude of proprietary games are inherently flawed in the sense that they are vulnerable to the card counting ability of players. Various intelligent-play techniques adapted by players have outsmarted casinos that prefer to use in-house gaming technology to formulate their own casino games.
Vulnerable casino games are a plenty, and players looking to win should seek them out!

Important strategic playing concepts such as these can certainly limit a casino’s ability to have a competitive edge over the player:

Hole carding
Card counting
Exploitation of in-house table game weaknesses

Proprietary games – those developed by the casino – are subject to exploitation, provided that players have spent the required time playing them and seeking out their flaws.

vulnerable-casino games

So, Where do You Stand the Biggest Chance of Winning?


Players typically avoid in-house games, in favour of mainstream card and table games that they have already been exposed to.

Of course, the advantage that the house is giving up to the player needs to be mathematically calculated in such a way that it makes sense to modify the in-house game.

The difficulties that come with training staff, players and selling a proprietary game are abundantly clear. That’s why tweaks to these types of games are rare, and players should spend more time exploiting them for weaknesses for personal gain.

On a deeper level, the vulnerabilities that are evident in proprietary casino games such as blackjack, roulette, 3 card poker and the like may be slight.

It takes a special kind of player to be able to spot these vulnerable casino games and capitalise off them accordingly. As such, it is common for casinos to have games that feature real vulnerabilities.

choose the rigth games to win

As long as new games are being developed, players will always have a shot at exploiting these games for weaknesses, and perfecting strategies to hone in on greater profits.

Players are advised to always be on the lookout for casino games with the best winning chances.



How to Beat the House at its Own Game

All chance-based games at a casino offer players the opportunity to beat the house. That this can only be done over the short-term is an established fact.

Long-term, the casino always wins with slot games, card games and table games. This is due to the rules, RTP percentages, and advantages that the house has over the player.

However, anything can happen from one minute to the next and that’s why players should take full advantage of games with low house edges.

While nobody encourages dishonest gameplay, there are various techniques that players can employ to gain an advantage over the house:

One of the most obvious ways to increase winnings is to choose games with a lower house edge. If roulette is your forte, there are multiple variants of the game available. For example;

European Roulette with a single zero offers a house edge of 2.70%.

American Roulette by contrast features a 0 and a 00, with a concomitant house edge of 5.26%.

Going by the numbers alone, players should always select European Roulette with the lower house edge. Much the same is true of French Roulette which has unique sets of rules allowing players to capitalise on the La Partage rule, lowering the house edge to just 1.35%.

These Are Most Vulnerable Games in the Casino

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Some of the worst games to play include newly developed casino table games, often created by proprietary gaming software. Other games to avoid are lottery games, which despite their massive payouts have extraordinarily low return to player percentages.

While many craps players swear by their craft, dice control is exceptionally difficult to master. Nonetheless, craps is regarded as a casino game where the player has a statistical advantage by placing certain bets. Casino games with the best winning chances include blackjack and specific variants of roulette.

For skill-based players, blackjack remains the go-to option. This classic casino game pits the player against the dealer in a Battle Royale for the highest-value hand. The magic number is 21, but any value that beats the dealer’s hand total without exceeding 21 will win. Even in blackjack, there are specific rules that must be followed. For example, players should always select a blackjack table that has a 3:2 payouts on blackjack, as opposed to 6:5.

Additionally, it is always preferable to select a blackjack table that uses as few decks of cards as possible, thereby increasing the player’s chances when it comes to card counting. Nowadays, 6 decks or 8 decks of cards in blackjack games are the norm in casinos across Vegas, Atlantic City, and Europe.


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