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The Magic Formula-Top Live Casino Tips

See how to Play to Win with Live Casino Games!

It’s not a party without an Olé!  Welcome Karamba fans – today we’re going to show you how to WIN at our live casino tables. We got hold of some of our live casino experts and they finally spilled the beans. Pull up a seat and get comfortable; you’re about to learn the tricks of the trade!

Read on to get your playing skills on…



Live Casino: It’s the Real Deal!


Live casino games mimic the Vegas experience from the comforts of home, or on the go. Players get to enjoy live streaming gaming from a land-based casino, thanks to a secure feed. Live casino games are designed to excite the senses, deliver an extraordinary experience, and to provide authentic interactions with casino dealers.

Every live casino game is unique – they are the real deal!


The No.1 Tip for Live Casino Roulette



Continue to the roulette strategy section for practical info on betting strategies, roulette game types, and bankroll management. There are ways to play live roulette games with tactical and strategic purpose.Be sure to understand the betting odds of different roulette variants before you wager for real at a live casino:

*European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70%

*French Roulette can have a house edge as low as 1.35%

*American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26%.

All these numbers have meaning. Games with a lower house edge are always the better option for players. The casino always has a long-term advantage over the player – it is built into the game.


You can win big over the short-term, and that’s where your focus should be. The best roulette players swear by this live casino tip, and it’s always better to implement sound roulette strategy at all times.

What Roulette Strategy Should I Play With?

As far as betting systems go in roulette, none of them are guaranteed. Martingale, Reverse Martingale, D’Alembert, Fibonacci and James Bond are a few of the many roulette strategies that players use. There may be merit in them over the short-term, provided that players can wager at low minimums, with tables that support high maximums.

Of course, you must always be mindful of your bankroll. The best advice for Live Casino Roulette is to play with a fixed bankroll in short sessions. Never exceed your allocated budget and try to pocket your profits as often as possible. Live casino tips are only effective if the player is implementing them.




Top 3 Roulette Tips

Smart live Games at Karamba!

Roulette folklore tells many stories of biased roulette wheels. This may have been the case in the olden days, but no live casino today has a biased wheel. Instead of looking for wheels to exploit, you should follow these rules:

Try to understand the dealer’s gameplay. For example, where does the croupier release the ball? What is the velocity of the spin? What is the likelihood of that ball landing in a slot in a specific segment of the roulette wheel? As you can imagine, this requires complex mathematics that is beyond the scope of our guide.

Of course, it’s always important to play at a regulated onlinecasino that offers live casino games. Dodgy casinos are best avoided since there is no guarantee that you will receive your payouts if you land big wins on roulette.

Remember that the smartest gamblers always have their faculties about them. Do not drink too much, and avoid stimulants, or substances that may impair your judgment. Bankroll management is the most essential component of your strategy when playing live casino roulette games.



Pick Your Blackjack Casino Carefully

A few pointers are worth remembering: Watch for game payouts such as 6/5 or 3/2. The best blackjack tables are the ones which offer 3/2 payouts, with low minimum wagers and high maximums.

These tables offer you significant advantages when you win. A £100 wager would either be worth £120 at unfavourable odds, or £150 at the improved odds.

Live Casino games @Karamba

Here’s a quick refresher on blackjack live games strategy, and how to make it work in your favour

If your hand value is 8 or less, always hit.

If you’re holding an Ace/2 or an Ace/3 hand, double when the dealer has 5 or 6 as an up card. If the  dealer doesn’t hold those cards, always hit.

If your soft hand contains an Ace/8 or an Ace/9, you are advised to stand.

You should always split a pair of 8s or Aces

You should always stand with a pair of 10s.

If you’re holding a hand valued at 17-20, stand regardless of what the dealer’s up card is.


Live Casino Tips to Live and Win By

Live casino games are played over the Internet, so it is essential that you have a high-speed, stable Internet connection. If you happen to be down on your luck, cut your losses. That’s’ the most important of the live casino tips.

Live to play another day. All live casino players have recourse with customer support and management.

If you feel that you have been unfairly treated, use all available options to resolve the matter. Time management is essential when playing live casino games. Keep a watch on the clock to ensure that you don’t lose track of time and gamble irresponsibly.

By following live games strategy, you will certainly know how to win at the casino every time. Remember, the whole point of playing live casino games is to have fun, so make that your #1 objective!


Live Casino Blackjack is the most popular skill-based card game. It’s a good idea for you to refer to a blackjack strategy guide for valuable information on how to win at the casino every time.

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