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Play and win with Karambas Blackjack Strategy!

Learn to win with the ultimate online Blackjack Strategy



It’s party time here at Karamba HQ! We’re popping the bubbly and getting ready to deal you in on one of the best kept secrets ever….winning blackjack strategy. Thanks to the advice of some smart blackjack pros, we’re able to bring you the tips that will make you a winner. Are you ready to hit the tables? Let’s get started guys!

Here’s What They Never Told You About Blackjack:


Any blackjack player worth their salt will tell you that an understanding of blackjack strategy and rules is essential.
This includes many things such as minimum and maximum bets, etiquette, and of course, the payout possibilities.

The goal of online blackjack strategy is not to hit 21, but to beat the dealer’s hand total without exceeding 21.
In blackjack, every card has a value, and some cards have more than one value. Typically, picture cards (Jack, Queen, King) are valued at 10, cards 2-10 have their nominal value, and Aces are valued at either 1 or 11.

Win at Blackjack with strategy!

Hard Hand, Soft Hand…what’s a winning hand?

When an online blackjack player forms a hand containing an Ace valued at 1, or a hand that simply does not contain an Ace, it is considered a hard hand. For example, if the hand you have been dealt by the dealer is made up of the following cards: King, 5, 2 – then you have a hard 17. Remember this rule with blackjack card game strategy.

By contrast, if the hand you’re holding is made up of the following cards: 3, Ace, 3 – then you have a soft 17. A soft hand in blackjack gives you an option to draw an additional card. In this case, the hand value is either a soft 17 or a 7. If the player believes that the next card is a 10-value card, it is possible to draw 17 and stand, or hit again.

Why You Shouldn’t Take Insurance

As a rule, players are cautioned against taking insurance bets. These offer an unnecessary advantage to the house, and the player hardly ever benefits from them. Typically, the dealer will draw to 16 and stand on all 17s.

This means that the dealer will not take another card on a soft 17 (such as 3, Ace, 3) or a hard 17, regardless. Blackjack strategy is based on a set of strict rules. Experts have conducted in-depth analysis using computer algorithms to sample long-term trends.



The Winning Blackjack Strategy you Should Know

Hit on a hand value of 11 or less

Hit if you are holding a soft 17 or less

Always split a pair of Aces or of 8s, but never split a pair of 5s or   10s

Stand on soft 19s or higher-value hands

Split a pair of Aces and a pair of 8s

If the dealer is holding an Ace, always double 11s

If your hand value ranges from 17 – 20, and the dealer is holding a 2-Ace up card, always stand

If your hand value ranges from 5-8, and the dealer is holding any cards from 2-Ace, always hit

With soft totals such as Ace, 8, or Ace, 9 always stand regardless of what the dealer’s face up card is

Okay your cards right with BJ at Karamba!

Are You Ready for Advanced Blackjack Strategies?

The most effective blackjack strategy is one that uses the correct rules in every live casino when hitting, standing, doubling, splitting, and betting. For example, it is possible to reduce the house edge in a game of blackjack from 8% to just 0.2% by following the right rules.

Old school blackjack players often attribute their success to blackjack shuffle tracking strategies. While these winning blackjack strategies are largely outdated today, owing to automatic shuffling machines, there is no scientific basis for tracking the success of shuffle techniques. Plus, shuffle tracking is not an effective blackjack strategy with online blackjack games – since everything is determined by RNGs (random number generators).

How to Reduce the House Edge to a Winning Number

play and win with BJ at karamba

As an online blackjack player, it is essential that you choose the right blackjack odds at the table you’re playing at. Many online blackjack casinos offer odds of 6:5 on blackjack, but the preferred option for players are odds of 3:2. This can reduce the house edge by as much as 2.3%.

Further, if you correctly stand or hit, you can reduce the house edge by 3.5%. Correct doubling techniques will further reduce the house edge by 1.6%, and the correct decisions with pair splitting can reduce that house edge further by 0.4%.

There are many different types of winning blackjack strategies that you can adopt for a winning blackjack session. These include blackjack doubling down strategies, blackjack pair splitting strategies, even money blackjack strategy, blackjack hit & stand strategy and others.

Players are advised to use colour-coded blackjack strategy charts all the time. These charts are valuable resources that can reduce the house edge significantly. If you use basic blackjack strategy in your game plan, you can reduce the house edge from 8% to approximately 0.6% when 6 decks of cards are in play.

online-blackjack strategy



Is Card Counting Useful in Modern Blackjack Games?

For blackjack novices, there is no better strategy to use than the high low strategy. Fashioned off the work of Harvey Dubner, the high low strategy is simple and effective. Here’s how it works:

Each of the cards in a deck is assigned a number and a score. Cards 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 have a value of +1. These are known as the low cards.

Then, there are the 10-value cards which include the King, Queen, Jack and 10. Note that Aces are also included in the mix and have a value of -1.

There are also cards assigned a 0 value – the 7, 8 and 9 cards.

As cards are dealt, players add the numbers together.

Remember that the purpose of card counting is to determine whether there are more high cards in the deck, or more low cards in the deck.

For example, if your blackjack card counting skills result in a large positive value, it means that there are many high-value cards remaining in the deck. A value that is a large negative value indicates that there are many low-value cards in the deck.

Your winning online blackjack betting decisions will be based on these numbers!


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