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Playing on Mobile is So Much Better!

Gaming on Smartphones and tablets - why mobile simply makes sense

This guide is designed to teach you everything you need to know about mobile gaming. Find out why mobile is the best way to play casino games!



Playing on Mobile is So Much Better!

Did Somebody Order Games to Go?

Over the years, remote gambling activity in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world has grown exponentially. According to the official statistics portal, Statista, revenues generated by the remote sector of the UK gambling industry between 2009 and 2014 almost tripled. Considering that the fastest growing segment of the online gambling market is mobile; this statistic is staggering.

There are many reasons why mobile casino supersedes traditional online casino and land-based casino gaming across the board. This comprehensive guide will go into depth, explaining the many inherent benefits of a mobile gaming technology, cost, comfort, and convenience for the casual player and the expert alike.


So Just How Popular Is Mobile Gaming?

It was recently revealed that the United Kingdom ranks as the fifth largest mobile gambling market in the world. By September 2017, some 2,175 games companies were actively operating in the United Kingdom.
These companies vary in terms of scope, including a wide range of games for console, PC, mobile, and virtual-reality games. While video games remain the most popular option for players, an increasing component of mobile gameplay is comprised of casino fans.

The United Kingdom lays claim to an impressive statistic with consumer spend on online casino games at £995.1 million in 2016, up from £851 million in 2015.

The biggest component for UK online players is digital and online gaming with 2016 revenues of £1.22 billion, up from £1.1 billion in 2015. Across Europe, Asia, Latin America and other regulated gaming jurisdictions, the trends for mobile gaming are equally strong.




What Makes Mobile Gaming So Much Easier?

The popularity of mobile gaming is evident in the rising number of players taking to their iPhones, iPads, and Android devices when playing online casino games, video games, and social games.

The World Goes Mobile

Mobile smartphones and tablets, wearable technology, apps, virtual reality gear and artificial intelligence have quickly displaced conventional PCs, Macs and desktops as the must-have gadgets. The Internet of Things has facilitated a culture where smartphones are used for an increasingly large number of day-to-day functions. These include Google Maps, comparative shopping, trading, calorie counters, exercise regimens, daily calendars, conference calling, email, social media functionality, and yes mobile gaming.

Online Casino Play on The Rise

Not surprising is the fact that mobile gaming is arguably the most enjoyed component of the mobile experience. According to AdWeek (figures from 2014), mobile users spend 86% of their time in apps, 32% gaming, and 17% using Facebook. Numbers fluctuate from one year to the next, but mobile gaming – notably cards and casino is up year on year (+6%), while casual gaming, role-playing and brain games have shown an average of 10% + in declines

Playing Mobile at Karamba

The question: Why is mobile play so much easier than PC or Mac-based gaming?

The Answer: Smartphones and tablets have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. The Internet of things makes it much easier to use mobile devices in our cars, at work, on the bus, the train, on vacation, during lunch break than ever before. The costs of mobile technology have come down sharply, while the quality of these products has increased dramatically. Therefore it is just simply so much easier and convenient to access online casino game from mobile devices.


What do Karamba Players Prefer?

Most players enjoy Karamba casino games (classic slots, video slots, progressive slots, roulette, blackjack, scratch cards and live casino) from mobile devices. There are several ways that players access these games, from the mobile-friendly site or from the app. The comfort and convenience of mobile gaming is far more appealing to players than being confined to a desktop.

Mobile Site & Karamba App

Mobile functionality is enhanced on the specially made mobile-friendly site and Karamba app, on touch screen devices. Karamba players enjoy taking their games with them on the go. Whether you’re running late for a doctor’s appointment, going to get your hair done, or running to meet a mate at the local café, you can power up and play mobile games at your leisure. No hassle. No fuss. No worries.

Easy Play, No Matter What Device You Use

Another benefit of playing mobile games at Karamba is a technical term known as ‘Responsive Design.’ Simply put, a responsive user interface design is used to construct webpages that automatically detect the players’ screen size and screen orientation, and adapt the layout accordingly. This means that you can enjoy maximum functionality, playability, and immersion regardless of the screen size you are using at Karamba.

Live Casino games @Karamba

HTML5 or Flash? Which is Better for Mobile Players?

Some 99% of desktop browsers currently support the Flash Player, while 82% of browsers support the HTML5 canvas element. For Flash games, re-hosting and sharing can be done is a single file – a vital component of Flash-based games. HTML5 loads its assets individually.

Karamba Runs On “Superior” HTML5

  • For mobile casino players at Karamba, it’s a no-brainer. Players can enjoy these benefits with HTML5:Video content is far superior on HTML5, compared to Flash.
  • HTML5 allows for longer battery life – a key component of the mobile gaming experience.
  • HTML5 does not require a player to be installed, and it runs on all mobile devices with high-efficiency speed.
  • It is fully supported by iOS, while Flash isn’t. It’s in the infancy stages, but fast catching up and can be used across different browsers.
  • With HTML5, content can still run even if an Internet connection has been lost

Karamba has switched over to HTML5 and all the benefits available through this resource are now at your fingertips – wherever you go. Simply power up and play your favourite mobile games!

No Download Needed With Quick Click Functionality

When you play mobile games at Karamba, you don’t need to download any software to get started. Simply navigate to your games of choice – live casino, scratch cards, casino games, slots etc. – click and play. The beauty of mobile gaming is that you can enjoy any games you want, at any time, with no delays.
Another nifty feature available to mobile casino players at Karamba is the set of widgets that provide value-added benefits to your gameplay. You can enjoy stats, additional features, and useful information and tools to enhance your mobile gaming experience. These widgets work with the user interface to enhance its functionality. In other words, they make the games great!

Should you Play on the Mobile Site or the Mobile App?

Karamba has maximised the user experience for mobile players on the mobile platform and the mobile app. With the mobile platform, the gameplay and functionality is instantly optimised to fit your screen size and tech specs. This is the most user-friendly way to enjoy Karamba from your mobile device without downloading an app.
However, once you download the app for Karamba, you get a highly intuitive option which is tailored to your device. Both options provide you with a seamless and exciting gaming experience, but players typically prefer the app for the many value-added benefits it confers. Either way, you will thoroughly enjoy your mobile gaming experience at Karamba.

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