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Why You Need Gambling Strategies

Unbelievable Insights into Gambling Strategies that Work!



Casino Gambling Strategy: What You Need to Know to Win More


Ladies and Gents, Welcome! Let’s get this party started at Karamba. Have you ever wondered why some players seem to prosper at the casino, while others don’t? Don’t fret, we’re about to introduce you to gambling strategies that work, thanks to some pretty smart gamblers who were kind enough to share their secrets with us!


why you need gambling strategies

The ultimate question:How do professional gamblers make money? To answer this question, it’s important to understand that casino gambling strategy is real. The concept can be broken up into 3 parts to understand how they all fit together.

Part 1: A casino is a venue where gambling takes place. This takes on many forms including live casinos, traditional casinos, and online casinos. Provided that the operator is licensed, regulated and credible, it is possible to use this to your advantage as a player.  Casino gambling games include card, table, and slot games, bingo, Keno, and scratchcard games.



Intuition is the key


win with strategy

Part 2: Gambling games are where it’s at. This is where you need to focus your energy. There are 2 types of gambling games – skill-based games and chance-based games. It is possible to gamble in either variant, since skill is only one component that determines the outcome of games.

An effective gambling strategy is one that evaluates the abilities of the player against his/her opponents, using probability analysis, risk/reward, bankroll management and more.

Part 3: To cap it off, players need to adopt an effective gambling strategy. This varies from game to game, incorporating things like Martingale, Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci and other gambling strategies for games like roulette.

For blackjack players, there are many effective strategies such as card counting, and blackjack strategy charts that can be used to enhance the player’s chances.

Successful gamblers are avid readers of strategy guides, articles, and strategy-based tutorials. The theory is applied practically. This may include simulated gaming sessions in demo-play mode, or using low stakes wagers.

Don’t forget – Lady Luck could always swing things in your favour too!



All Gambling Strategies Should Look Like This…


  • Any effective gambling strategy is based on sound bankroll management. Players are advised to set a budget ahead of time, and not to deviate from it. A budget is a control mechanism that prevents players from acting irresponsibly during gaming sessions.


  • Many new gamblers are susceptible to a rush of blood to the head. This emotionally-based play can result in losses.


  • While gambling is a fun activity, it should be enjoyed with a cool and calm demeanour. Any gambling strategy should focus on short sessions, to avoid going on tilt.


  • When you are engaged for too long, you may deviate from your budget and your strategic game plan. Regular breaks, self-discipline, and an understanding of probabilities can certainly help.


Should You be a Tactical Player or a Strategic Player?

In gambling terms, there are players who focus on short-term actions, and there are players who focus on long-term strategies. The decisions you make from one play to the next are known as tactics, and they are geared towards building an effective strategy over the long-term. In a game of blackjack, a tactical decision may be something like deciding to stand when you have a hard 17. In roulette, a tactical decision may be to place a £100 wager on green 0.

The strategic element is your game plan. In other words, are you going to use a combination of roulette strategies, card counting techniques, or probability analysis to determine how you wager during your entire gaming session?

Strategic players are prepared to lose over the short-term; it’s the long-term result that matters most. In all instances, it is important to remember that no gambling strategy is foolproof – some work, and some don’t.



Is There a Way to Guarantee a Profitable Gambling Session?

QUICK RECAP: The size of the global gambling industry is estimated at £307 billion. The rate of growth in global gambling has increased steadily since 2003 when it was valued at £164 billion. Land-based gambling accounts for the bulk of all gambling activity, but there has been a fivefold increase in online gambling in that time.

In gambling, the guarantees are typically with the casino, the poker room, or the bookmaker. The house always has an edge over the player, and that’s precisely how they stay in business.

Over the short-term, anyone can win at any time.

BUT… In all forms of gambling activity, the edge rests with someone. It’s either the house or the player. The most successful gamblers are those who use risk management techniques during their gambling sessions.

If the risk/reward ratio can be minimised to an acceptable level, it may be worth your while placing a wager.

To limit your losses and maximise your rewards, gambling experts advise players to wager no more than 1% of their available bankroll on any individual bet.

This is the safest way to guard against the inevitable bad beats that players encounter.


At karamba you win!

The Secret to Making Money from the Casino 

Profitable gambling strategies are very rare. It is near impossible to find an edge in any gambling market, given that the house greases the wheels in its favour. A small number of gamblers have found a way to consistently beat the house, and it is this strategic gameplay that allows them to do it.

The best players are contrarian players – they look at things from a different perspective, and adopt different playing styles to get the results that they seek.

Regardless of the systems that are used, all successful gamblers share the same characteristics: self-discipline, bankroll management, careful evaluation of games, close attention to house edge, and RTP.

It is important to remember that variance will throw a wrench in the works, but the strategic plan should never be abandoned.

Remember: Finding a gambling system that never loses is foolhardy. There are no absolutes, just varying degrees of effectiveness.

Why Choosing Positive or Negative is Important


  • There are negative expectation strategies and positive expectation strategies. The former are based on games that have a long-term house edge such as slots, scratch cards, roulette and the like.
  • No matter how well you play, the house always wins in the long-term. Positive expectation strategies can be used in skill-based games like blackjack.
  • When players develop the right skills with perfect playing techniques, it is possible to dramatically reduce the house edge to negligible values, making it an even-possibility outcome.
  • The most effective blackjack players use combination blackjack strategies to gain an advantage over the house over the short-term, and the long-term. That’s precisely why the top blackjack players remain effective for many years.



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