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Gambling Tips & Tricks

Learn to Boost Your Wins with Casino Bonuses!

Claim All Sorts of Bonuses & Enjoy the Best Online Casino Games!

Playing on Mobile is So Much Better!

Gaming on Smartphones and tablets - why mobile simply makes sense

Why You Need Gambling Strategies

Unbelievable Insights into Gambling Strategies that Work!

How to Take Advantage of Vulnerable Games

Hit the casinos and get clued up on how to play games to your advantage.

Win with Intelligent Risk Measurement

Learn how to play and win with high risk!

Gambler Traits You Never Knew You Had

Many people have what it takes to be top casino players without even knowing it.

The Magic Formula-Top Live Casino Tips

See how to Play to Win with Live Casino Games!

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How to win with Roulette

How to Win at Live French Roulette

Get exclusive tips to help you win with French Roulette at Karamba!

Can Roulette Dealers Make You Lose?

How Roulette Outcomes are determined!

How to Play Roulette: 5 Easy Steps

This quick and easy guide will get you started in under 5 minutes

Showtime- Roulette vs Blackjack!

Which one is best to play? Karamba experts explore the options !

Understanding Roulette Odds Right!

Everyone talks about roulette odds, but who gets them?

Take Roulette to the Next Level!

Get spinning and winning with the ultimate online roulette strategy

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Play and Win with Slots

How to Choose a Winning Slot Machine

Find out which slots you should be playing to give you the best chances.

The real Slots Strategy Infograph

This infograph explains how to see, play and win with Slots fast & easy!

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The best Blackjack Tips and Tricks

VIP Blackjack - 5 steps to win like a pro

Use this blackjack guide to fine-tune your playing skills and beat the house!

Play and win with Karambas Blackjack Strategy!

Learn to win with the ultimate online Blackjack Strategy

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The Scratchcards Secrets

Scratch & Win Without Doing Any Maths!

4 easy steps to get scratching and winning!

Play and Win with Scratch Cards at Karamba!

Did you know that scratchcard games are packed with BIG winning potential?