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for Sport games (only for – Pre Live, Live betting and Combo): 1<ODDS<1.7 * bet= number of points


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      • If five (5) Marked Karamballs that a player has chosen are selected in the relevant Daily Draw, the winning player will win, subject to sub-section f. below, an initial amount of 300 EUR per non-VIP winner and 500 EUR for VIP winners (the “First Jackpot“).
      • If four (4) Marked Karamballs that a player has chosen are selected in the relevant Daily Draw, the winning player will win subject to sub-section f. below, an initial amount of 150 EUR per non-VIP winner and 300 EUR for VIP winners (the “Second Jackpot “).
      • If three (3) Marked Karamballs that a player has chosen are selected in the relevant Daily Draw, the winning player will win, subject to sub-section f. below, an initial amount of 35 EUR per non-VIP winner and 50 EUR for VIP winner (the “Third Jackpot “).
      • If two (2) Marked Karamballs are selected in the Daily Draw, the winning player will be entitled to select three (3) Marked Karamballs on the next Daily Draw.
      • If one (1) Marked Karamball is selected in the Daily Draw, the winning player will be entitled to select two (2) Marked Karamballs on the next Daily Draw.


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It’s All About Footie!

Football betting is extremely popular throughout the UK. Many of the world’s premier football teams and players readily compete in the English Premier League, with top clubs like Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Chelsea, Watford, Manchester City, Bournemouth, Manchester United, Leicester City, and Everton.

The fast-paced football action is coupled with worldwide interest in the performance of these teams. Football betting and Live – betting is based on chance, anything can happen at any time during a football match.

Recall Leicester City’s unbelievable odds of winning the English Premier League in 2016? This underdog team came from behind and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. With determination, good fortune, and ability, teams can perform better in football matches than expected. Pitch conditions, injuries, substitutions, home crowd advantage and other factors can turn a game on its head within seconds.

Bet on Karamba!


Can Knowledge Ensure Success in Football Betting?


The short and sweet answer is no. Just like no amount of statistical modeling can tell you what the result of a coin toss will be, nobody can provide ironclad assurances that a football match will go one way or another. Karamba’s sports betting approach is different: we provide football bettors with information concerning the team and the game itself.

If Team X is playing against Team Y, it may be useful for a bettor to know that Team X has beaten Team Y 10 times out of 10 in the past. Or, that Team X scores twice as many goals against Team Y when playing at home. Keep in mind, however, that stats are useful but can NOT eliminate the risk factor.

Football predictions are just that – peering into a crystal ball and providing an opinion as to which way the match will go. In order to come up with a bet recommendations it is necessary to take into account information about past performances, football news updates, pitch conditions, substitutions, current rankings, home and away results etc.

As said, there is no way to eliminate risk from football betting, and it is precisely this risk that results in favourable odds on longshot predictions. Gathering all this information is difficult, not to mention time consuming, and that’s why we have created the KaramBot!


What is the KaramBot?


The KaramBot is an exclusive bet recommendation engine developed by the tech team at Karamba. It is a technical tool which provides information for football bettors, helping them to place smarter bets both before kick off, and live during the action.

Naturally, no amount of number-crunching or statistical analysis can guarantee favourable outcomes. The KaramBot is not a personal droid that will iron your clothes, wash your dishes, and run the bathwater for you! It’s a tool that analyses information and provides bet suggestions based on this information.

The football betting market is a constant hive of activity. The KaramBot analyses a staggering amount of football statistics and utilises this information for recommendation purposes only!  In February 2018 alone, this bot churned out 1,905 suggestions across 276 leagues. This in no way ensures the accuracy of outcomes, nor does it guarantee profits at any time. It is simply a powerful resource which has been extensively backtested using real football statistics based on actual football games.

This football bot monitors data from ALL major football matches including the Champions League, the English Premier League, the Swedish Superettan, the International Under 17 Matches, and of course, the World Cup tournaments. Karamba Sports showcases all this information as pre-match football betting, or in a live betting format.


How do I use the KaramBot?

#1 – It’s easy! Login to your Karamba Sports account to unlock the KaramBot.

karambot login

#2 – Pick LIVE, or STARTING SOON by clicking on the respective tab.

Unlock Karambot

#3 – For additional help, click on the ‘?’. Scenario settings can be applied, and the odds format can be changed by clicking the Settings button.

karambot settings

#4 – The numbers displayed indicate how many active bet suggestions there are under each tab.

Karambot at Karamba.com/sport/

#5 – Flashing icons are meant to convey that the KaramBot has a new bet suggestion available. This suggestion can be added to a bettor’s Bet Slip, and then acted upon.

karambot Icons for bettings

#6 – At this point, bettors can select their stake and place their bets.

Karambot betting slip

#7 – Combination bets (or combo-bets) can also be placed with the KaramBot user interface. These bets will automatically be added to a bettor’s Bet

Karambot bets

Are the KaramBot Recommendations Useful?

The KaramBot regularly scans for information on football players to find out how many yellow cards have been issued, how many red cards have been issued, how many shots on goal there have been, how many shots off goal, and overall shots supremacy. This information can prove useful in understanding the performance of football teams. Other valuable statistical information includes possession, log standings, fouls and other dangerous events etc. This information is collected and analysed rapidly by the KaramBot.

Karambot @Karamba.com

The KaramBot does all the legwork for football bettors; even calculating new bet recommendations while the match is live. For football fans, this can offer many benefits. For starters, bettors are not required to investigate statistical data while matches are taking place. The KaramBot already does all of that. In the world of sports betting, there is no guarantee of success regardless of the tools and resources that are used. However, access to the right information is always appreciated by players.

The KaramBot starts monitoring football teams 90 minutes before kickoff. If any team news emerges, the KaramBot will seek out dropping odds and relay this information accordingly. If, for example, any of the star players from a football team are dropped, this naturally results in less favourable chances for that team to succeed, and will be reflected in the overall odds that are offered.

karambot betting results

KaramBot Pre-Match Betting

The KaramBot is a bet recommendation engine which provides information for football bettors. It includes the following pre-match betting markets:

  • 1X2
  • Asian Handicap
  • Over/Under (Goals)
  • Both Teams to Score


Live Betting with the KaramBot

The information collected and analysed by the KaramBot can be used to give bet recommendations on the following live betting markets:

  • 1×2
  • Asian Handicap
  • Over/Under


Calculating Football Bets with the KaramBot

Betting with karambot

Market Scanning 24/7

Thanks to 100% uptime, the KaramBot is able to continually scan the football betting markets, analyse relevant information, and process it in real time. The football data is scanned from all over the world, including (but not limited to) the following leagues: UEFA Champions League, Serie A, English Premier League, and La Liga. Various lesser-known football leagues are incorporated into the ‘stats pool’, including the Scandinavian leagues. Karamba Sports provides a large range of football betting odds on all the matches in the above leagues and more. Players have the option of pre-match betting or live in-play football betting.

Stats → Actionable Decisions

The KaramBot churns all the stats into actionable decisions. Players can choose to place bets on the suggestions, or simply read them for further information. There is no art or science to correctly predicting football outcomes. The best players can hope for is accurate analysis of football betting data to assist in the decision-making processes.

Run by Experts

The Karamba team of football fans and technical experts works hard to ensure the functionality of the KaramBot. Rigorous backtesting from actual football matches is part of the process. Since historical data is used, stat gurus place value in the outcomes generated by the unique bet recommendation engine. Football bettors have carte blanche to decide where they pull their information from, but this resource really has it all in one place.

How To Find Information on Football Betting

Players have several options at their disposal when collecting information on football betting. First and foremost is a reputable, licensed, and active online sportsbook. Naturally there are sports betting pros who provide their opinions on which way matches are likely to go. Players should always read both sides of the argument for fair and balanced reporting.

Football fans routinely consult online betting sites for information on sports betting. These resources are typically provided by experts with experience in the game, or by bettors with strong opinions on football betting. These ‘insiders’ often share their valuable insights about football betting with fans. It is relatively easy to access this type of information, and it is typically provided free of charge to football bettors.

It is important to ensure that authoritative sources of information are used when making football betting decisions. Trust and accuracy are paramount. The credentials of the writer should be fact checked, and reviews of these information sources should be conducted too. It’s not enough to be told what is likely to happen in a football match, it’s important to know why the writer, football experts, or recommendation engine suggests as much.

Fortunately, the KaramBot serves as an all-in-one resource for accurate, timely, and credible information for football betting fans. It includes a wide range of statistics on all manner of football elements including shots on goal, corners, throw ins, fouls, yellow cards, red cards, etc. The data is a valuable source of information and it covers almost every element of a football game, particularly in major European football leagues.

Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly: https://www.karamba.com/info/responsible/

18+ only: www.karamba.com/info/underage


Following the conclusion of the domestic season – with all the major football leagues in Europe decided, as well as the winners of the Champions League and Europa League now known – all eyes turn to the international stage, and Euro 2020.
Of course, whilst cancelled last year amidst the pandemic, this special edition of the tournament – which is being multi-hosted by no fewer than 11 European cities – is set to spark an exciting summer of sport.
Read on to find out everything you need to know about this year’s competition – and we’ll be keeping you updated as the tournament progresses too!

Get some facts about the Euro 20 :






With the domestic season having drawn to a close, football fans are champing at the bit to feast their eyes on some top-level international action.
Of course, whilst cancelled last year amidst the pandemic, this special edition of the tournament – which is being multi-hosted by no fewer than 11 European cities – is set to spark an exciting summer of sport.
Read on to find out everything you need to know about this year’s competition – and we’ll be keeping you updated as the tournament progresses too!

Euro 2020 update: the final four are revealed

We are just three matches away from seeing who will be crowned European Champions, as Wembley Stadium hosts the action from here on in. The semi-finalists have been revealed, with Italy vs Spain on Tuesday night, followed by England vs Denmark on Wednesday. Let’s take a quick look at our final four.

Italy vs Spain

Luis Enrique’s side were the first through to the semis. A Denis Zakaria own goal put them ahead in Saint Petersburg, but overachievers Switzerland – who had previously knocked out France – managed to pull back a goal in the second half, through Xherdan Shaqiri. It remained honours even after the regulatory 90 minutes, and subsequent 30 minutes of extra time – with penalties the decider. A fairly shocking shootout in which more spot-kicks were saved than scored, Spain ran out 4-2 winners.

Italy have looked unstoppable so far, and their 32-match unbeaten run is a national record. After a slight hiccup in the last-16 over Austria, they found themselves cruising over Belgium – who are ranked number 1 in the world. Nicolò Barella opened the scoring, before Lorenzo Insigne added a second – in what is being tipped as one of the goals of the tournament. While Belgium pulled one back through Romelu Lukaku’s penalty, after Giovanni di Lorenzo brought down Jeremy Doku, the Azzurri held on.

Between them, Italy and Spain have won five World Cups and four European Championships – and the pair have met at the last three editions of the Euros. Their most recent encounter was in the last 16, in which Italy ran out 2-0 winners and given their form, discount them at your peril!

England vs Denmark

After a highly impressive win over Germany in the last-16, England continued their good form over Ukraine – although victory was never in any doubt. Despite overachieving to reach the quarter-final, Ukraine were hugely out of their depth in Rome, as England opened the scoring in just the 4th minute. Harry Kane later went on to grab a brace, while Harry Maguire got on the scoresheet and Jordan Henderson landed his first international goal. The Three Lions duly delivered and this new-found confidence and abundance of goals will stand them in good stead into the semis.

Denmark, however, have had a rollercoaster ride in the tournament – and will be looking for their fairytale to continue. A two-goal lead against the Czech Republic, when Thomas Delaney and Kasper Dolberg put them ahead, was cut in the second half by Patrik Schick’s 5th goal of the tournament. But that Nordic warrior spirit continues to live on and the Danes aren’t ready to give up on their European journey just yet.

After failing to qualify for Euro 2016, and given the shock that surrounded their opening match against Finland, Kasper Hjulmand can be truly proud of his side’s achievements. But will this be the end of the road?

After almost two weeks of rip-roaring football, the Euro 2020 group stage has now come to an end, and there was plenty of drama in the last round of fixtures. We now know the 16 teams who will battle it out in the knockout stage to try and get their hands on that trophy. But it’s worth taking a look back at how things worked out in the group stage.

Having contested the opening game of the tournament against Turkey and won 3-0, Italy were one of the standout teams from the first round of Euro 2020. Following that win over Turkey in Rome, they beat Switzerland 3-0 and Wales 1-0 to enjoy a perfect record, without even conceding a goal. Wales and Switzerland joined them in advancing from Group A.

There was a similarly comfortable passage to the knockout stage for Belgium in Group B. They won all three of their matches, leaving an almighty scrap for second place. In the end it was Denmark who claimed it, beating Russia 4-1 in the last round of fixtures.

Played three, won three was how the Netherlands’ group efforts finished as well. They survived a scare to beat Ukraine 3-2 in their opening game, but then enjoyed comfortable wins over Austria and North Macedonia. The Austrians and the Ukrainians also progressed to the last 16.

England finished top of Group D despite failing to find their top gear in the group stage. A 0-0 draw with Scotland was sandwiched between 1-0 victories over Croatia and the Czech Republic, with the latter two teams also doing enough to earn a place in the knockout stage.

Group E was expected to be dominated by Spain, but Luis Enrique’s side didn’t get going in their opening two matches, drawing with Sweden and Poland. The Swedes duly took advantage and topped the group following hard-fought wins over Slovakia and Poland, while Spain secured second with a resounding 5-0 win over the Slovaks in Seville.

With three quality sides in the shape of France, Germany and Portugal, along with plucky underdogs Hungary who had home advantage on their side, Group D was dubbed the group of death before the tournament. In the end it was France who emerged on top, beating Germany before drawing with Hungary and Portugal. The Germans and the Portuguese both progressed after a night of drama to cap the group off.

Attention now turns to the last 16, and with plenty of mouth-watering ties to look forward to, there’s no doubt that the best is yet to come at Euro 2020.

Round of 16 schedule

Saturday 26th June
Wales v Denmark – Amsterdam
Italy v Austria – London

Sunday 27th June
Netherlands v Czech Republic – Budapest
Belgium v Portugal – Seville

Monday 28th June
Croatia v Spain – Copenhagen
France v Switzerland – Bucharest

Tuesday 29th June
England v Germany – London
Sweden v Ukraine – Glasgow

The hosts

For the first time in the tournament’s history, it’s being pan-hosted. We’ve never seen more than two nations share the duties – it’s going to be a proper European tour! Where can you expect to see matches played?

• Wembley Stadium – London, England (capacity: 90,000)
• Stadio Olimpico – Rome, Italy (capacity: 70,634)
• Allianz Arena – Munich, Germany (capacity: 70,000)
• Olympic Stadium – Baku, Azerbaijan (capacity: 68,700)
• Krestovsky Stadium – Saint Petersburg, Russia (capacity: 68,134)
• Puskás Aréna – Budapest, Hungary (capacity: 67,215)
• La Cartuja – Seville, Spain (capacity: 60,000)
• Arena Națională – Bucharest, Romania (capacity: 55,600)
• Johan Cruyff Arena – Amsterdam, the Netherlands (capacity: 54,990)
• Hampden Park – Glasgow, Scotland (capacity: 51,866)
• Parken Stadium – Copenhagen, Denmark (capacity: 38,605)

Of course, with the current rules and regulations varying from country to country, it’s likely that no stadium will be at full capacity during the tournament. If you’re wondering how many fans will be allowed into the stadiums, the answer is that it is likely to be between 22-and-50%.
But as we have seen at other football matches and other sporting events, it’s great to have the fans back – even if they are in smaller numbers than usual. You can guarantee that patriotism will be in abundance, with fans waving flags and scarfs, wearing their team’s shirt with pride – and maybe even sporting a dab or two of face paint! Euro fever will sweep the continent once more!


The matches

Each city will host three group stage matches, and in the knockout stages; either a match in the round of 16, or a quarter-final. Saint Petersburg is the exception, and the Krestovsky Stadium will host six group stage matches – three in Group B (Russia’s group), and three in Group E.

Each city will host three group stage matches, and in the knockout stages; either a match in the round of 16, or a quarter-final. Saint Petersburg is the exception, and the Krestovsky Stadium will host six group stage matches – three in Group B (Russia’s group), and three in Group E. Wembley Stadium will also host all the matches in the latter stages the tournament. The full breakdown is below:
• Wembley Stadium – Group stage, round of 16, semi-finals, and final
• Stadio Olimpico, Allianz Arena, Olympic Stadium, and Krestovsky Stadium – Group stage, and quarter-final
• Puskás Aréna, La Cartuja, Arena Națională, Johan Cruyff Arena, Hampden Park, and Parken Stadium – Group stage, and round of 16



The groups

Group A

– Host nation
– Ranked 7th in the world
– Best finish: champions in 1968
– 2016 finish: quarter-finals (lost to Germany)
– Ranked 13th in the world
– Best finish: round of 16 in 2016
– 2016 finish: round of 16 (lost to Poland)
– Ranked 29th in the world
– Best finish: semi-finals in 2008
– 2016 finish: group stage
– Ranked 17th in the world
– Best finish: semi-finals in 2016
– 2016 finish: semi-finals (lost to Portugal)

Group B

– Ranked 1st in the world
– Best finish: runners-up in 1980
– 2016 finish: quarter-finals (lost to Wales)
– Host nation
– Ranked 10th in the world
– Best finish: champions in 1992
– 2016 finish: did not qualify
– Ranked 54th in the world
– Making their European Championships debut
– Host nation
– Ranked 38th in the world
– Best finish: champions in 1960 (as Soviet Union)
– 2016 finish: group stage

Group C

– Ranked 23rd in the world
– Best finish: group stages in 2008 and 2016
– 2016 finish: group stage
– Host nation
– Ranked 16th in the world
– Best finish: champions in 1988
– 2016 finish: did not qualify
North Macedonia
– Ranked 62nd in the world
– Making their European Championships debut
– Ranked 24th in the world
– Best finish: champions in 1960 (as Soviet Union)
– 2016 finish: group stage

Group D

– Ranked 14th in the world
– Best finish: quarter-finals in 1996 and 2008
– 2016 finish: round of 16 (lost to Portugal)
Czech Republic
– Ranked 40th in the world
– Best finish: semi-finals in 2004
– 2016 finish: group stage
– Host nation
– Ranked 4th in the world
– Best finish: semi-finals in 1996
– 2016 finish: round of 16 (lost to Iceland)
– Host nation
– Ranked 44th in the world
– Best finish: group stages in 1992 and 1996
– 2016 finish: did not qualify

Group E

– Ranked 21st in the world
– Best finish: quarter-finals in 2016
– 2016 finish: quarter-final (lost to Portugal)
– Ranked 36th in the world
– Best finish: round of 16 in 2016
– 2016 finish: round of 16 (lost to Germany)
– Host nation
– Ranked 6th in the world
– Best finish: champions in 1964, 2008 and 2012
– 2016 finish: round of 16 (lost to Italy)
– Ranked 18th in the world
– Best finish: semi-finals in 1992
– 2016 finish: group stage

Group F
– Ranked 2nd in the world
– Best finish: champions in 1984 and 2000
– 2016 finish: runners-up (lost to Portugal)
– Host nation
– Ranked 12th in the world
– Best finish: champions in 1972, 1980 and 1996
– 2016 finish: semi-final (lost to France)
– Ranked 37th in the world
– Best finish: third place in 1964
– 2016 finish: round of 16 (lost to Belgium)
– Host nation
– Ranked 5th in the world
– Best finish: champions in 2016
– 2016 finish: champions


The ones to watch


If you’re looking to find the outright favourites to win Euro 2020, you can’t look beyond France. Admittedly, they have been placed in the proverbial group of death, alongside Germany and current European champions, Portugal. But Didier Deschamps’ side are the reigning world champions, and were runners up, when they hosted Euro 2016.
Under Gareth Southgate, England fared well in Russia. After the debacle that was losing to Iceland in the round of 16 at Euro 2016, the Three Lions went on to reach the semi-finals at the World Cup – losing to Croatia, after extra time. The two are set to meet again in Group D, and there’s no denying England will want to exact revenge on their opponents.
Belgium have been riding the crest of a wave, under Roberto Martinez. The Spanish coach led them to their best finish at the 2018 World Cup – eventually winning their third-place play-off against England. Currently ranked number 1 in the world by FIFA, they will undoubtedly look to spark another surprise on the pan-hosted tournament.



Equally as exciting as who will win the tournament, is who will end up receiving the prize of the Golden Boot. Looking at the latest market, England’s Harry Kane is the favourite. The striker, who plays domestic football for Tottenham Hotspur, netted 23 goals last season and was awarded as the Premier League’s Golden Boot. He currently has 34 goals in 53 appearances for the Three Lions.
Belgium’s Romelu Lukaku knows where the goal is. The striker notched 23 times last season as Inter Milan won their first Scudetto in 10 years, and he finished behind Cristiano Ronaldo in Serie A’s top goalscorers tally. He’s scored 59 goals in 91 appearances for his country – and while the future of his domestic career is uncertain, a decent showing for the 28-year-old, will cause Europe’s elite to sit up and watch.
And don’t rule out Kylian Mbappé, of France. Making his international debut at the tender age of 18, he went on to become the youngest French player to score at a World Cup (in 2018). Scoring 27 goals for Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1 last season, saw the 22-year-old awarded with the Golden Boot for a second time. One of the brightest young talents in football, we believe he’ll get a chance to shine. He currently has 16 goals in 42 appearances for Les Bleus.


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When many people think of a an online casino, they immediately dream of a Jackpot – the Jackpot! But how many people actually really win in an online casino and how did they succeed? Can someone accept a bonus form a casino and still make a win? You will find the answer below what a player has to pay attention for ….


Do people really win money in Online Casinos?

People love online casinos and Sports Betting for many reasons. But most players agree that having immediate access to hundreds of games and thousands of betting markets on their phone, tablet or desktop device is the main reason for gambling online. In the internet age, players no longer have to go to Vegas or Atlantic City to enjoy the EXCITEMENT of live roulette, blackjack, slots or Sports Betting. Online gaming sites, such as the Karamba Online Casino, bring all the fun of a casino to players with an internet connection. However, it is worth exploring how these online casinos work, how you can stay safe and fully enjoy your online gaming in a responsible manner before opening an account. People do win money on online Casinos but that does not necessarily mean they recoup all the money they spent.

Understanding online casino gaming

The first thing you should know in order to have a good experience with online casinos is how the casino games and bonus funds work. Most operators offer services in regulated markets where fully licensed Terms & Conditions are adhered to. To join an Online Casino, you will need a banking arrangement or payment provider. If you sign up for an account, you will need to supply your email address and your name. (The operator may also require your passport details.) Once these administration details are completed, and you have deposited your funds, you are able to gamble in a safe environment.

What if I accept a Casino Bonus


if you have accepted a welcome offer where bonus funds or spins have been given to you, check the terms and conditions associated with them. Make sure you know how much you can withdraw – look to see if the spins were allocated for a certain game or if any winnings you make have a capped amount. None or all of these terms may apply to various offers. The best advice is to read everything carefully first. Responsible gaming is important and by making sure you understand how your account operates will improve the experience.


Which casino games do win?

Casino games can be broken down into luck-based games and skill-based games. Card games and Live Roulette offer an element of judgement alongside the risk. For instance, you will choose what hand you should play or fold in given situations. In Live Roulette, you will consider what combination of numbers and stake values you place while considering your own limit, your calculations of the fixed table odds measured against the table limit. The element of risk to the Casino is also carefully measured. Casino’s consider the house margin when they set the table limit. There are a lot of factors involved and many remain under the control of the Casino. Luck based games are generally slots or games where winning is purely based on Random Number Generators (RNG – algorithms which select a result automatically). Your winnings – if won using bonus funds – maybe withheld until any wagering total is completed before you can withdraw the money.Always be alert to what funds you play with and what the terms & conditions of those funds are. There may also be capped wins if you are using bonus funds to play. Stay safe and informed – please read the relevant terms & Conditions. If you decide to place a limit on your monthly or weekly gaming funds – you will stay within an affordable budget and enjoy yourself in a safe environment.

Do slot machines have patterns?

Physical slot machines are built so that every spin is a random event, independent of the previous wins or losses. Similarly, online slots are programmed using random number generators, meaning every online “spin” is separate from the one before it. But if every spin is random, why do we see or hear players talk of hot and cold streaks in slots? Is there such a thing as a winning or a losing streak? The simple answer to that is NO. This is something called the clustering illusion. Within groups of random numbers or events, we sometimes pick out patterns, even if they aren’t really there. If you look at the big picture of hundreds and thousands of spins on a slot machine or online slot game, you will see that there is no set pattern of winning or losing that you can exploit to make money. Having said that you can be sure that the winning lines – however many you select or place a stake on – offer different odds and win multipliers. If you win 20 units and then gamble on black or red for a double up – then you have a 50/50 chance of doubling your money at that point. But you could also lose your winnings. So take into consideration all the factors surrounding your gaming.

Responsible Gaming


One of the dangers of playing casino games, in person or online, is that it’s easy to lose a lot of money quickly without realizing it. But by setting the limits we mentioned before you can be more aware and better able to gamble responsibly. You can still have fun and even win money on an online casino. But to do so, try to keep the following things in mind:
  • Online casinos are gaming sites, and games are supposed to be fun. If you aren’t having fun, you should step away from the game.
  • Do not bet money you can’t afford to lose.
  • Limit your time in an online casino.
  • Be aware of your overall wins and losses in online casinos. Keep a careful total. If you are consistently losing money, you should consider whether or not the fun you are having is worth the monetary cost.
  • If you believe you might have a gambling problem, contact a group or organization that provides support for gambling addiction.


Online gaming sites like Karamba Online Casino bring the excitement of the casino to many countries with an internet connection. The number one thing to remember is to have fun and keep clear expectations with the games you’re playing. Do that, and you’ll have a good experience, regardless of whether you win or lose.

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